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Maxtraction is one of the country's leading motorsport businesses. With more than 20 years experience in cross country motorsport and rallying, we are the only company in the UK with experience running various makes of vehicle, including Bowler, Tomcat, and Milner. From arrive and drive, to simple servicing we can cater for most on event requirements in the UK and abroad . At the same time we provide all the pre-event services required for a successful competition, from full preparation to parts supply.
Vehicles. Tomcat 100
Vehicles. Milner R4
Vehicles. Wildcat 200
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The team headed by John Cockburn, a seasoned competitor and vehicle designer, are a group of experienced full and part time mechanics with a heathy work ethic and good communication skills, essential in a pressure situation.

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Maxtraction offer the support and preparation to get you racing
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